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Review of, An Angel by Her Side by Ruth Reid

Katie Bender thought that she had lost all hope

of finding love again, after losing her fiance.

Many things happen and change for Katie

after a tornado hits her town she lives in.

Seth is in town helping his dearly departed sister’s

family out.  He never expected to fall in love

with someone there. Both Katie and Seth are headstrong

people.  Will Seth return to what he truely loves to do

with his skills as a master carpenter?  Will faith be restored

to a hardened man like Amos?

You need to read this book to find out for yourself!

It is a must read!

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Review of Love Comes to Paradise by: Mary Ellis

This is the story of Nora.  She heads to the town of Paradise to live.

She has followed Elam Detweiler her sister Amy’s brother inlaw there.

She is torn when Lewis come to Paradise from Harmony to pursue

a possible courtship with her. Does she decide to have a stable life with

Lewis or the intense, risky relationship with Elam Detweiler?

This is a must read book with lots of twists and turns!

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Review of Living in Harmony by: Mary Ellis

This was the best book yet that I have read by Mary Ellis.

It is the story of an unexprecited tragedy that splits

a family up. When two sisters decide to move to

Harmony to start over. Amy is engaged to John.

Will there love endure everything that unfolds in

their lives.  Then you have the headstrong and

rebelious sister Nora.  Who is trying to flea from

her past and start a new life. What will life hold for

You must read to find out for yourself.

This was a very addicting book for me.

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Katie Opens Her Heart by:Jerry S. Eicher

This was such an inspiring and heartfelt book by Jerry S. Eicher. I read the book in only two evening it was so good.
Young lady Katie learns to open up her heart and trust people … after being issolated and referred to as
the daughter of Emma Raber all her life. She yearns for love, acceptance and freedom to discover what God has in store for her life.
This shows how the bonds of a mother’s and daughter’s love is tried and tested.  How their love for each other endures.
It made me realize how hurtful people can be at times, and not even know it. A must read book!
Looking forward to reading the next book in the series! Katie’s Forever Promise.
Keep up the wonderful writing Jerry.

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A Quilt for Jenna by:Patrick E. Craig

I finished reading A Quilt for Jenna.  This was a truely wonderful book!  The story of Jerusha and Rueben was such a heart felt story for me.

I also loved the role that Bobby played in the book.  I hope you have a future book that involves more of Bobby and his story along with Jerusha and Rueben.

I didn’t want to put this book down. Looking forward to reading many more books by you.


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