Review of: Addoring Addie by: Leslie Gould

I finished reading Addoring Addie last night. Your best book yet! I was on pins and neddles the last hundred pages or so! The story of Adelaide “Addie” and Jonathan’s undeniable love for one another. A love that neither family can stand the thought of! They try to do anything to keep the two of them apart!
Addie has to deal with the demands of her family and being the only girl. So much is put on her with the cooking, cleaning, laundry and helping to take care of her little brothers. There is her Aenti Nell who is there to help out and try to help Addie when she can.
There has been a family feud for years that has kept these families apart. No body wants to talk about the feud to Addie. She fights for her right to be courted by Jonathan.
Her family is trying to force her into a courtship and marriage to Phillip, someone she doesn’t love. Cant she get through to Phillip that she doesn’t love him.
So she can be with her one true love Jonathan.
The wood worker with such a God given talent.

This is a must read if you love Amish fiction!
I give this book 5 stars!


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