The Captive Heart (The Daughter’s of Caleb Bender Series

I finished reading The Captive Heart (The Daughter’s of Caleb Bender Series) last night. I am hooked, without a doubt! The story of the Bender family as the are living in Paradise Valley in Mexico is exceptional! Rachel, Miriam, Emma and Ada capture your hearts. Then you have Domingo who is the tough, strong and will fight to keep those he cares about safe. Levi is a loving and caring person devoted to his Amish faith. Then there is Micha he is accepted by those around him but he is very pompus and demending.
You have Kyra the sister of Domingo that is very true and helpful to those around her.
Arron who seems lost without his twin brother.
Rachael and Levi have an undeniable love for one another and hope to be married. Mariam has to hide her true feelings for who her heart secretly longs to have a life with.
This is the second book that I have read by Dale Cramer and I am officially hooked!
I can’t seem to get enough of his books!
This is a must read, especially if you read Amish fiction!
I give this book 5 stars!

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