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Katie’s Choice: A Clover Ridge Novel (Book by: Amy Lillard

Review of Katie’s Choice: A Clover Ridge Novel.

This is the story of Katie Rose Fisher and Zane Carson. He came to Clover Ridge reluctantly. He was a reporter that cover stories like the war. He was shot and had to recover from his injuries. Zane lost his parents at the age of 10, his only family member took him in to raise him, his Uncle. Zane’s uncle has since past away. Reporting is the only life he has. In order to get back to the war torn areas that he wants his editor insists that he take a three month story covering the Amish and their way of life. It is all to help the Amish raise money to help cover the medical expenses of Ruth Fisher who is fighting breast cancer.
All Zane wants to do is get these stories done. He left what few things he owns back in Chicago while he is away in Amish country.
Including Monica the girl he asked to marry him, she has still to answer him.
Who knew after only three months he would come to love the lifestyle and have feelings for Katie Rose Fisher. Katie thinks she islong pass marring age after being abanded years ago by her intended. She fights her feels that she has for Zane. He is english after all. Katie is determined to do what is right teach school, raise her brothers childre and take care of them since their mother passed away in childbirth.
Will Katie Rose and Zane realize what path that God has laid out before them before it is to late. Monica (Zane’s intended)and Samuel(Katie Rose’s former intended, have both shown up and stirred up feelings Zane and Katie Rose. How will it end?
A definate must read

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