Along Wooded Paths, By: Tricia Goyer

This continues the story of Marianna Sommer and Aaron Zook.
Marianna contines to work in the store in Montana.
She is growing more accustomed to the English.
She is amazedat how well the Amish here in there small community
get along with the English. They socialize a lot more together
than than her old community she grew up in. They is even a prayer
group of English and Amish that come together once a week to pray.
Marianna still strugles with her feeling for Aaron Zook.
The man she was suppose to marry. Marianna has strong feelings
for Ben an Englisch. She struggles with them.
She knows how much it would hurt her family if she left the
Amish life for Ben. After all the hurt they have been through.
Losing two daughters in a buggy accident and her brother Levi
walking away from the Amish life.
Aaron isn’t happy about Marianna working in the store being
around the Englisch.
THis story keep me guessing to the very end.
It is a must read book.
5 stars!

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