Beyond Hope’s Valley, By: Tricia Goyer

This is the final book in the series.
It continues the story of Marianna Sommer’s
and her intended Aaron Zook. Marianna’s
heart still belongs to Ben an englishman
that she met in Montana. Even though
Marianna keeps pushing her feelings for
Ben aside. Believing that she and Aaron
are meant to be together. Aaron has built a home
for the two of them on his family’s property.
Yet something about Aaron keeps nagging at her.
Like he is hiding something from her.
Marianna’s brother Levi is about to marry
Naomi. Naomi is expecting a baby. Will Marianna
marry Aaron and continue to live the Amish
life that she has always know? Or will Marianna
finally admit that she love Ben an englishman?
I loved this series. I hated to see it end.
5 stars!

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