The Promise, By: Beth Wiseman

This book is captivating, compassionate, inspirational, heartbreaking all rolled into one. It is a touching story that makes you stop and realize the horrible things that happen to others in other countries today. It teaches you the value of a promise, something that the majority of us don’t take seriously anymore. The devotion to try and save another’s life.
This is a must read book! Get your copy and begin your journey today. This book is inspired by actual events that happened.

Mallory Hammond is determined to save a life. To fulfill a promise that she made years ago. She will travel half way around the world, to try and save a life. Tate Webber has been in love with Mallory for years. He knows that she must settle her desire before they can move forward.
Their faith, trust, love and dedication will be put to they test.

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  1. I’ve been curious about her other books. I’ve so far, only read her Amish lit. How do you think that it compares?


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