Jennifer Bryce, Interview

Interview with Cheryl

1.Who or what inspired you too write?

With my last baby I got put on bed rest. With that came plenty of time to read. I read a few books that seriously lacked in substance. With the hormone crazed dreams that I had on a regular basis, I dreamed one night that I time traveled back to the 50’s and became the very single and thin Gidget looking for her Moondoggy. Putting time and creativity into the same space I wrote my first manuscript about time travel.

2.Did you enjoy writing as a child?

Not as much as I do now. I tried it out a few times as a child but the stories I kept secret because I was too embarrassed to share them.

3.Do you travel for book research? If so where?

Haley’s Song is set on the Double Circle Ranch in Eagle Creek. We currently own that ranch…So yes, I travel all the time for book research! I don’t know how to work cows or ride a horse very well, but I can write about them. I hope to travel outside the country for research one day.

4.What is your favorite beverage or snack when writing?

Baked or fried carbs of any kind, especially if it involves warm chocolate.

5.Do you want peace and quiet or some sort of background noise like music when writing?

I like it dead silent because my brain gets easily distracted. Silence is a very hard thing to come by these days (I’m the mother of three very busy boys under the age of 9).

6. Do you work on more than one book project at a time?

I work on one book at a time for the most part. I do get new book ideas from time to time that I keep in a “book ideas” folder on my computer. Ooh, there are some best sellers in that folder waiting to be written.

7. Have you ever woken up at night and had to write something down for your book?

Good sleep is hard to come by and I have a hard time pulling myself out of bed…so, I wait until morning and write it in my dream journal.


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