Thankful, By: Shelley Shepard Gray (Book Giveaway!)

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This is the story of Christina Kempf and Aden Reese.Aden saved Christina when they were children.

The Kempf family took Aden in when his parents died in an accident.

They are raised like they are siblings. Their feelings are a lot deeper and

personal than siblings though. Christina starts to see someone can

they even have a chance though? Christina and Aden both have such

strong feelings that they haven’t admitted to the other.

I loved this book!

I am giving away a copy of this book! To be entered in this contest post what you are most thankful for!  Winner will be drawn on March 1st. Be sure to share this contest with your friends and family. 1 bonus entry if you share with someone. Be sure to leave a link to your post.

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3 responses to “Thankful, By: Shelley Shepard Gray (Book Giveaway!)

  1. I am thankful for so many things. My health which is better than the last 10 years, a beautiful bunch of grandkids that remind me what a joy it is to be a mom and grandmother. A great husband, job and the Savior that helps keep all the other things in proper perspective and has atoned for each of us.


  2. I am so very thankful that Jesus loves me and has saved me. I am also tremendoulsly thankful for my family: my husband, my children and stepchildren, my stepgrandchildren, and my fur-babies.


  3. Congrats Debbie! Email me your address to and I will get you book out in the mail to you.


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