Do you worry about orphans? Anne Garboczi Evans

Do You Worry About Orphans?: 1 Practical Thing You Can Do

Did you know there are 400,000 children in foster care in America at this very moment? And this year over 20,000 of them will age out without ever being able to reunite with parents or be adopted. I’ve met kids who entered the system as young as three years old and went on to spend their entire childhood in foster care; never to be adopted.
I remember a lecture about foster care that I went to once. Two late teens/early-twenty something kids spoke. They had entered the system in early elementary school. They had never re-unified with their bio-families and were never adopted.
“Did you want to be adopted?” one of the prospective foster parents asked.
I thought the kids would hesitate, maybe say “no.” Perhaps they were too attached to their bio-families to have room in their heart for another family. Thus the county decided it would be best for them to be in long-term foster care instead. Surely if they had wanted to be adopted, some family could have been found for these beautiful, intelligent, very young kids.
“Heck yeah, I wanted to be adopted,” the young man and woman both said without a pause. “But nobody wanted us.”
Nobody. . .
They were sweet kids. They weren’t in trouble. But because they aged out of foster care without any family, their chances of getting a college degree, a good job, a nice house, etc. just became infinitesimally lower.
I think of myself at 18. What if my intro to adulthood was to be dropped off at a homeless shelter with a suitcase? How good would I have done? How good would you have done?
There’s such a huge need for families for these kids, it can feel insurmountable. But here’s a small step you can take right now in honor of National Foster Care month to move these kids a little closer to forever family. Would you join me in my thunderclap for foster kids? Just follow the link below and click “support through Facebook” or “support through twitter” and then “authorize ap.”
This thunderclap talks about both my “Circling Orphans with Love 2015” campaign that encourages people to share waiting children’s public heart gallery bios through social media and promotes my new children’s book, What’s a Foster Family? *
The picture book is about a young boy named Alex whose family starts fostering. Alex’s an only child who’s used to having Mommy and Daddy all to himself. So when his parents start doing foster care and little Malik joins their home, Alex’s not so sure he’s happy about sharing. What’s a Foster Family? is a great way to introduce your 3-7 year old to the idea of foster care and help him or her have empathy for the foster children he’s sure to meet at school or neighborhood groups.
*Thunderclap is a spam-free ap that allows you to donate one pre-written Facebook status (or tweet) to a cause. All the statuses will be posted on April 28th for a thunderclap of support! I’ve used thunderclap hundreds of times and it has never spammed me.

Please help out Anne with this worthy cause.

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