Faith & Devotion, Side by Side, By: Jana Kelley

Wow, this is such a  intense and heart pounding book! I was definitely on the edge of my seat for this story. It just amazes me what people in other countries endure when they speak out and believe in our Lord and savior. I am so glad that I read this book it opened my eyes more to what goes on in other countries. I wanted to cry out at the wrongs that happened. It breaks my heart to think that some people can be so cruel. Such a strong faith for someone so brave and young. I love the strong faith, devotion, love, compassion, and the strong faith. I pray that this books touches other peoples hearts as it has done mine. Thank you Jana Kelley for writing this truly wonderful book.What a beautifully moving and compelling story!

5 stars!       I highly recommend this book! It also makes a great gift!



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