Happy Release Day! The Forgotten Recipe, By: Amy Clipston

The Forgotten Recipe is the first book in Amy Clipston’s new series Amish Heirloom.  Amy has done it yet again! Wow this was one very emotionally moving book. It is packed with love, faith, heartache, pain, forgiveness. Amy has a way of capturing her readers and drawing them into her stories that she weaves. It was as though I was experiencing everything that the charters in the book were experiencing. I could practically taste the baked goods. I have laughed and I have cried while reading this story. I wanted to shout no when things weren’t going the way I wanted to then. This is one book that will keep you spell bound once you start reading it. Now enjoy this wonderful story of faith, hope, love, rejection, betrayal and forgiveness. Be prepared to be swept away in this latest masterpiece written by Amy Clipston! I didn’t want to put the book down it was so mesmerizing. Be sure that you grab a glass of sweat tea and have your tissues by your side as you enjoy your journey through this captivating book.

Be sure to order your copy of the Forgotten Recipe by: Amy Clipston today. Remember it also makes a great gift.     5 stars!!






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2 responses to “Happy Release Day! The Forgotten Recipe, By: Amy Clipston

  1. This is such an excellent book to read! Be sure to order your copy today!

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