Be sure to get your copy of Shanna Hatfield’s latest release and her books that are on sale.


New Release!
The Cowboy’s Last Goodbye (Grass Valley Cowboys Book 6)
A crazy uncle, an opinionated dog, and a bunch of matchmakers conspire to make Ben and Harper fall in love in this sweet, funny, heartwarming romance.

After parking his pickup, he slung the backpack over his shoulder and decided to carry Emily in her car seat up to his apartment. She didn’t even blink as he worked it free from the knot of seatbelts and bungee cords he’d used to secure it since he couldn’t figure out how to fasten it properly into his truck.
Some of his single female neighbors eyed him as he crossed the courtyard and waited for the elevator up to his apartment.
He could almost hear their biological clocks screaming that a baby-making machine was in their midst.
Lest anyone get any wild ideas, he opened the door to the stairs and took them two at a time up to his apartment.


 On sale or only 99 pennies — The Coffee Girl!

Caffeine wasn’t the only thing that drew him to the coffee shop… he needed his daily fix of The Coffee Girl…
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FREE today!
Who loves football (or at least a hunky football player)?
Love at the 20-Yard Line – full of sweet romance and loads of laughs!
You can also find it on:
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— with Shanna Hatfield.





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One response to “Be sure to get your copy of Shanna Hatfield’s latest release and her books that are on sale.

  1. Thank you ever so much for sharing about my new release and sale books, Cheryl! So appreciate your help in getting the word out! 🙂


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