Planted with Hope, by: Tricia Goyer & Sherry Gore

Planted with Hope is part of The Pinecraft Pie Shop Series. I have thoroughly enjoyed Planted with Hope by Tricia Goyer & Sherry Gore. They are two very talented ladies. This book touched me in such a way. What a wonderful reminder that you need to have faith and Hope. You will get to catch up with characters that you met in the first book and get to meet some new characters. Characters that will surely touch your heart with their story. There is never a dull moment in this story. There is so much faith, hope, love, and determination throughout this most wonderful story.  Recipes that sound so wonderful. I am looking forward to trying some of them out. I felt as though I was part of this story experiencing everything right along with the characters. What I wouldn’t give to try a piece of that pie. Be sure to order your copy of Planted with Hope today.      5 stars! I received a copy of this book for my honest review.




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  1. Hope one of the recipes is for Coconut Cream Pie! Sounds like a good book, Cheryl!

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