(Giveaway)A Heart on Hold by: Sara Barnard

Charlotte Adamsland is separated from her husband, Sanderson Redding, the day after their marriage. A captain in the Confederate Army, Sanderson must return to his unit, leaving Charlotte alone on their Arkansas homestead to fend for herself. Yankees camp around the town of Altrose, bringing their own kind of lawless danger. And then, one dark day, a Southern soldier arrives with terrible news…Sanderson has been killed trying to escape a Yankee prison.

Sanderson has found salvation and hell in a single turn of events he could never have imagined—his much-younger brother, Jackson, is his Yankee guard. When Jackson’s cruel commanding officer learns of the brothers’ family ties, he devises a wicked plan to see them both dead. Jackson is determined to get his brother to safety—but a last-minute betrayal by another prisoner could be the death of both brothers.

Charlotte can’t accept the news of Sanderson’s death—he promised to come back to her. She heads north armed with only her faith in God and her beloved horse to bring her love home—one way or the other. Will she be able to rescue him? Or will her love remained locked forever in A HEART ON HOLD…

Here is an Excerpt:

 I’ll come back Charlotte, I promise. The words of Sanderson’s first promise to return echoed with familiarity in the words he spoke now.

     Seemingly satisfied with his spiel, Sanderson took Charlotte’s face in his hands. He leaned down slowly until she could feel his warm, moist breath. A fiery sensation sparked to life within her as their lips met for the very first time.

     The swirling hullabaloo that churned about them melted away, leaving only them, so in love, with just a taste of what their future held.

     All of her senses were heightened as her body ached to soak up as much of Sanderson as it could.

     Their moment was cut short by the stagecoach driver’s intolerant voice slicing through their first kiss.

     “Last call, Lieutenant. Get on the stage now, or we’re leavin’ without ya.” 


I wrote A Heart on Hold when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. It wasn’t finished until he got home, my third baby was born, and we were living in Colorado. Then, I began the edits! Baby number four came along with orders to Oklahoma — that’s when I finally began pursuing publication.

Sanderson’s brother Jackson is based on Jackson Rathbone — the blondie who plays Jasper in the Twilight series.

The battle scenes are real and based on my husband’s experiences. The ghost is, too.

Buy link on Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Hold-Everlasting-Book-ebook/dp/B01DOQC9GE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1459657521&sr=8-2&keywords=a+heart+on+hold+by+sara+barnard

My social media — www.sarabarnardbooks.com @TheSaraBarnard www.facebook.com/sarabarnardbooks sarathreesuns.blogspot.com


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Be sure to enter the giveaway. I am giving away a kindle copy of A Heart on Hold.  Make sure you leave your name and email address so that I may contact you if you win. 



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12 responses to “(Giveaway)A Heart on Hold by: Sara Barnard

  1. I have not read one of her books YET

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  2. I haven’t read any of Sara’s books.

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  3. I haven’t read any of her books, but it looks good and I would love to! sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

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  4. No, I don’t think I’ve read any of her books.. looks like one I’d enjoy!
    dkstevensne AToutlookD otCoM

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  5. I haven’t read any of Sara’s books, but this one sounds amazing! I’m from Arkansas and love anything set in my state!


  6. This book sounds really amazing and Sara would be a new author for me. Thank you for this chance, Carol


  7. I wanted to read more of this book.
    Whoever wins I will be happy for you.

    Sonnetta(underscore) jones(at)hotmail(dot)com


  8. khsmith97217

    I would love to win and read but can only if it is paper back. but hope that many do get to win and read.


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