Giveaway! Riveting! Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman is the first book in The Remnant series. This book has so much unexpected and intense happening throughout that you will be riveted to your seat from the very beginning. This story has a wonderful cast of characters and excellent story that unfolds right before your eyes. Deep Shadows will get your heart pumping and having you trying to guess what will happen next. I am so looking forward to reading the next book in this series. This is the best book yet by Vannetta Chapman. I received a copy of this book for my honest review. Be sure to order your copy of Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman today. 5 stars! I would give it more if I could.


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All It Takes Is One Night

to Plunge the World into Darkness


Life in Abney, Texas, is predictable and safe–until the night a massive solar flare wipes out all modern technology. 


Shelby Sparks, novelist and single mom, had one goal: to provide for her diabetic son. In the wake of this global disaster, her mission hasn’t changed. Only now, medication is a priceless commodity and the future resembles an apocalyptic nightmare.


Max Berkman and Shelby were once sweethearts, but he lost his chance at claiming her love years ago. When the abrupt loss of power ushers him into a leadership role, he rises to the occasion. But his highest priority–to keep Shelby and her son safe–could prove to be the biggest challenge of all.


As the brilliant northern lights give way to deep shadows, Max and Shelby’s faith will be tested like never before. Only one rule remains: Find a way to survive.


* * *


In this first book in an eerily plausible dystopian series, a memorable cast of characters must navigate a familiar world thrown into chaos.

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6 responses to “Giveaway! Riveting! Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

  1. I agree this was excellent … although I don’t know it was my absolute favourite Vanetta Chapman title.I thought Hidden was amazing. Have you read that?


  2. I’ve enjoyed all of Vannetta’s other books but I haven’t read this one yet. I look forward to reading this one. After all the positive reviews and events to ponder it’s will be tops.

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