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BLUB: “Glencoe” is based upon a true story of family, love, faith and betrayal in 17th century Scotland.


Throughout the turbulent 17th century, Scotland survived civil war, five kings and embraced the Reformers. What were such troubles to a young bard returning home after eight years of studying music on the Continent? Nothing changed in Glencoe, or so Gavin thought.


He would soon discover a harsh reality when age-old prejudices and clan misgivings question his newfound ideals and his budding relationship with childhood friend Jenny Middleton. Courting the daughter of an English Protestant missionary meant something else to predominately Catholic Clan MacDonald.


Yet an even bigger threat loomed when the English government ordered all Highland clans to “Swear allegiance to King William or suffer the consequences.” Can love survive political ambition and betrayal?


Bio: Shawn Lamb is award-winning author with over 20 books for ages 8…

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