Fifteen of my Favorite books that I read 2016!

This list contains my fifteen favorite books that I have read in 2016. Be sure to check out these books. I have laughed, cried, been on the edge of my seat with suspense and anticipation. Thank you to the wonderful authors that have written these books. 

Magnificent! Magnolia Moonlight by Mary Ellis




Best book ever by Colleen! Mermaid Moon by: Colleen Coble


Mesmerizing! Beyond the Silence by: Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse


Captivating! A Worthy Heart, by: Susan Anne Mason



Spine Tingling! Lethal Action by: Rachel Dylan


Most delightful! Playing the Part, by: Jen Turano


Captivating! Trials and Tribulations by: Rachel Dylan


Riveting! Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman


Magnificent! Saving The Marquise’s Granddaughter by Carrie Fancett Pagel


Spectacular! Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl


Spectacular! Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl

Fantastic! The Hawaiian Quilt by Wanda E. Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter


Superb! A Heart Most Certain (Teaville Moral Society Book #1)


Priceless by Joel & Luke Smallbone



Marvelous! The Cherished Quilt by Amy Clipston


The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection




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8 responses to “Fifteen of my Favorite books that I read 2016!

  1. Wow! You had some awesome reads in 2016!

    Happy New Year!!

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  2. Wow, Cheryl, I am humbled that you included both Saving the Marquise’s Granddaughter and Blue Ribbon Brides on your list! I’m pretty stunned by that and to have Suzanne and Johan’s and Sarah and Grant’s stories be in the company of so many other great reads!!! You’ve given me a lot of books I want to add to my “To Read” list, too! Hugs!!!

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  3. I’ve read and reviewed two on your list and have a third one but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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  4. I’ve read three of the books on your list. Oh, I really want to read Deep Shadows!!

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  5. carylkane

    Cheryl, this is a fabulous list! A few of these are on my wish list!

    I loved Saving the Marquise’s Granddaughter!


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