Kennedy Stern sale/Liberty in North Korea fundraiser!!

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Find out why readers from all faiths and denominations, all walks of life, and all sides of the political spectrum are devouring this thought-provoking series from edgy Christian fiction author Alana Terry, who has won awards from Women of Faith, Grace Awards, The Book Club Network, Readers’ Favorite, and many others.

A portion of book sales will be donated to Liberty in North Korea and their work to bring North Korean refugees to freedom. Our goal is to raise enough money to rescue a refugee through LiNK’s underground railroad, so download your three-in-one box set today.

-Christian fiction with a strong message ...-

Kennedy’s life hasn’t been easy. From the moment this missionary kid arrives on campus at Harvard University, she finds herself thrown in the midst of one controversy after another. Through it all, she learns to trust God and think her way through some hard issues that a lot of Christians try to avoid:

What do you do when a 12-year-old girl is pregnant and the adults in her life try to force her to have an abortion against her will?

How should a Christian respond when they can’t just “pray away” their anxiety attacks and PTSD flashbacks?

When a black college student and his white friend are attacked by a police officer, is there any way they can fight for justice without inciting an all-out race war?

Sound like the kind of series you could get lost in? The sort of reading you’d like to keep you up at night? Grab books 1-3 in the Kennedy Stern box set for only 99 cents!

(A note from Alana): We all have different passions. Maybe yours is spending time with your family or working on a craft you love or encouraging others or growing your business. My passion for many years (decades, actually) has been actively praying for persecuted believers and raising awareness about the human-rights abuses that go on in closed nations like North Korea.

That’s why I’m using the week of this 99-cent sale to raise funds for Liberty in North Korea, an organization that runs an underground railroad for North Korean refugees. I spent a week and a half this summer in Seoul, seeing firsthand some of LiNK’s work and meeting some of the North Koreans who they’ve saved through their rescue networks. I can tell you these guys are passionate, legit, and making a huge difference in the lives of North Korean refugees.

This week, I’m donating a portion of all book sales from this bundle to Liberty in North Korea. If we sell 10,000 copies of this ebook, that would lead to $3,000 for LiNK (the amount it costs to rescue one refugee on their underground railroad).

So hurry, the sale and fundraiser both end Sunday at midnight!


Buy the 99-cent Christian suspense book bundle to help raise funds for North Korean refugees!


On sale until midnight July 30, 99 cents for the first 3 Kennedy novels.

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Books included:

Unplanned (A mysterious phone call will change Kennedy’s life forever …)

When Kennedy Stern’s childhood pastor asks her to volunteer at his new pregnancy center, she carves time out of her rigorous college schedule to promote the cause of the unborn.

After receiving a disturbing call from someone far too young to carry a child, Kennedy can no longer blindly hide behind the pro-life platitudes she grew up believing. She resolves to locate the unknown girl but winds up entrenched in a mystery that grows more convoluted as it unfolds.

Soon, Kennedy finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay in exchange for personal and political victory.

Paralyzed (It’s hard to heal from the past when the past wants you dead …)

Kennedy Stern has returned to campus after surviving an abduction, but old scars cut deep. Vivid flashbacks and terrifying dreams paralyze her, threatening to ruin her academic career and any chance she has for peace or happiness. This mental anguish, however, constitutes only a small fraction of her post-traumatic nightmare.

A partner in Kennedy’s kidnapping remains at large and will not stop until he has silenced her witness permanently. His violent resolve risks not only her life, but the safety of anyone who tries to help.

Kennedy must engage in a deadly battle of the mind as she struggles to stay alive. While fighting on two fronts — one psychological and one physical — the question isn’t whether she’ll come out of the war stronger in the end.

The question is whether she’ll come out of it at all.

Policed (A rogue police officer can ruin a lot more than a perfect evening out.)

Kennedy Stern and her best friend Reuben drag themselves away from their grueling studies to enjoy a night off campus, but getting pulled over by a belligerent cop isn’t in either of their plans.

When the police altercation turns violent, the media notes Reuben’s dark skin and labels this instance of police brutality a hate crime. Those Kennedy trusts the most warn her not to get involved, but she owes it to Reuben to pursue justice regardless of the personal cost.

Nothing remains a secret when a frenzied media and an embarrassed police department delve into Kennedy’s and Reuben’s backgrounds. Some truths, unfortunately, grow increasingly more painful the closer they get to the surface.

alana terry

About the author: Alana is a pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom, self-diagnosed chicken lady, and Christian suspense author. Her novels have won awards from Women of Faith, Book Club Network, Grace Awards, Readers’ Favorite, and more. Alana’s passion for social justice, human rights, and religious freedom shines through her writing, and her books are known for raising tough questions without preaching. She and her family live in rural Alaska where the northern lights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer make hauling water, surviving the annual mosquito apocalypse, and cleaning goat stalls in negative forty degrees worth every second.



“Alana writes gritty fiction with fantastic plot lines and realistic characters.” ~ Julia Wilson, Christian Bookaholic

“I am a huge fan of Dee Henderson and Alana Terry is one of the few writers that even comes close to her books.” ~ Christy Remillard, Reader

“Kennedy has become like a friend and I love how she is such a strong character … I am a huge fan and continue to grow spiritually through her books.” Deana Dick, Texas Bookaholic

“Alana Terry always leaves you pondering with each novel she writes and gives you lots of food for thought.” Aimee, Blogger at Seasons of Opportunity

“Alana also has a way of weaving a Christian message throughout her books without being ‘preachy.'” ~ Diane Higgins

“Alana knows how to bring tough subjects to the table from all angles without telling us how to believe.” ~ Andrea Byer, Book Reviewer

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Be sure to order your three-ebook box set today. Three great books one very low price of $0.99. The best part of all is your get to help a great cause!



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