A Place to Belong by Melissa Tagg


Book blurb: After years of mistakes and regret, coffee shop owner Megan Harrow has finally built a new life for herself and her daughter in quirky, but charming Maple Valley. But she’s not ready for the sparks that fly when she meets local nonprofit owner Eric Hampton . . . or for the sudden reappearance of an unwelcome face from her past.

Note from Melissa: Megan Harrow appears in all four of my Walker Family books. She’s a reader favorite and I can’t tell you how many notes I’ve received asking when she’s going to get her own story. Well, she’s finally getting the spotlight now. 🙂

*This novella originally appeared in the RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG collection in 2017, alongside novellas from award-winning authors Deborah Raney and Courtney Walsh 

 Review: A Place to Belong is a novella by Melissa Tagg. Melissa has written another little masterpiece. This novella is one that will touch your heart. Be sure to get your copy today. I received a complementary copy of this novella. This review is my honest opinion. 4.5 stars!


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