A Perfect Weakness by Jennifer A. Davids (Spotlight & Giveaway!)

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The Civil War left its mark on Dr. John Turner. He turns his back on medicine and sees his unexpected inheritance in England as an opportunity to start over. But he never imagines how God intends to use his new role as lord of Ashford Hall or the beautiful woman he finds there to ease his troubled soul. 

A tragic loss led Penelope Howard to bury her heart and dreams in her work for the Hall and the village of Woodley. But the arrival of the new heir stirs not only her discarded longings but her compassion as well. What burden does he carry that he can’t accept that grace covers the darkest of sins? 

A deadly epidemic sweeps through Woodley revealing secrets which threaten everything. The doctor faces a choice: leave or dare to believe what the Lord whispers through the woman John has come to love. 

No one…

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2 responses to “A Perfect Weakness by Jennifer A. Davids (Spotlight & Giveaway!)

  1. What I like about civil war fiction is that even though the characters are not real what people did during that time period and how close civils were to the war and how people lived during that time period fascinates me.


  2. Rita Wray

    Sounds like a great book.


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